Акстивный кроссовер Bryston 10B Sub

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The Ideal Crossover for Multi-Way Speakers Installations The Bryston 10B Electronic Crossover Bryston's Model 10B Electronic Crossover combines ideal signal-handling with an enormously flexible control function. Simple, direct front-panel switches allow any crossover curve to be set instantly, and the signal purity is always maintained. The Model 10B features independently selectable crossover points for high-pass and low-pass, in case the speaker installation requires slightly overlapped, (or slightly staggered), response curves for the drivers. You can also independently select crossover slope, from 6, 12, or 18dB/Oct., where one driver requires faster cutoff than another in the same system. A fixed frequency plug in Linkwitz-Riley alignment with steep rolloff curves of 24 dB/Oct. is also available. The crossover may be used in any of three internal connections: 2-way stereo, 3-way mono, and a special configuration, 2-way stereo with summed low pass out to allow the use of one sub-woofer. The 10B is available in two stock versions, a 10B sub incorporating frequencies more suitable to sub-woofer applications and a JOB standard which is more applicable to speakers requiring frequency control in the midband and tweeter areas. All crossover selections are extremely accurate and repeatable, being implemented with 1% selected metal-film resistors and polystyrene capacitors. All switches are heavily gold-plated, for lifetime protection from corrosion. The level controls are precise 1 dB increments, also derived from gold-plated switches and 1% metal-film resistors. Most important, however, is that the Bryston 10B Crossover uses NO integrated circuits in the signal path. All internal buffer and amplification stages are Bryston's exceedingly linear and superbly quiet discrete op-amp circuitry. This means the signal is always maintained as "Audiophile Quality", with stability and freedom from noise and distortion unapproached in other crossovers.

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